Monday, February 20, 2012

What Exactly Is A Comic Book ??

Here is another older post I made on another list of "what Exactly is a Comic Book?"

Of course there is a difference between "narrative strips" and "world balloon strips" - but both can be contained within any comicbook whether that format be magazine, perfect bound, trade PB, or most all the comicbooks pointed out in the Victorian and Plat Comicbook price indexes found in Overstreet.

I would sure hate to think the decade i have out there in re-educating with expanded cosmic comicbook consciousness first myself then the research as presented in that growing section I have created within the pages of the Overstreet Price Guide was for nought. That the collective research i have gathered under one roof from many dozens of fellow like minded comicstrip book researchers are also like-minded deluded

Or think outside the box, think inclusive, is my working motto in this field after 40 years of study

i surely did not know the crazy-minded resistance i would encounter the first decade building that section from whole cloth. Agonizing over the few dozen pictorial representatives to include out of the 1000s of examples i have uncovered and indexed together under one roof.

I cannot rest until all worship the full spectrum of the Comics Ghods of Yore

- let them all be recognized as contributing to the national comics consciousness of America. It took generations to unfold, to develop, each new generation feeding on the myths and legends of the previous ones, that seems more natural to me

- nothing is created in a vacuum, except empty headed thinking, methinks

I think every one reading this thread should figure out how to score this book:

These are as much a comic book

here are some more favorite comic books I own:


every bit as much comic books as these newer favorites of mine:

as this is

Robert Beerbohm

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